First Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit II (M-MuLV)
Code  BF0020-0010
Classification  First Strand cDNA Symthesis Kits
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The kit is designed for preparation of full-length first strand cDNA from RNA templates. The first strand cDNA synthesis kit relies on a cloned enzyme, Moloney murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase (M-MuLV RT). M-MuLV RT synthesizes first strand cDNA at sites determined by the type of primer used: 1. Random hexamer primer: at non-specific points along an RNA template. In this case, all RNA in a population are templates for cDNA synthesis. 2. Oligo (dT)18: at the 3'-end of poly(A)+ mRNA. In this case, only mRNA with 3'-poly (A) tails are templates for cDNA synthesis. 3. sequence-specific primer: at a primer-binding site. First strand cDNA synthesized with this system can be used as a template in the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). As the reaction conditions of cDNA synthesis and PCR are compatible, cDNA reaction mixture can be added directly to a PCR mixture.. The first strand cDNA synthesized may also be used as a template for second strand synthesis. Radio-labeled DNA can be used as a probe in hybridization experiments. As most users do not need to do control First cDNA synthesis, this kit does not include control RNA.